The Team

Mark Williams


Hi, I’m Mark, and I’m the Technology Director here at VooFoo, which basically means I oversee the coding team. My first foray into coding was with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, on which I wrote my first game at the age of 8 – a simple test of reflexes in which you had to move a bucket around to catch apples falling from a tree. My first commercial success was Max Rally on the Amiga, a top-down racer which was a twist on the ever popular Micro Machines. I worked on this with John while we were still at school, and released it just as I was completing my A-levels.

After my A-Levels, I went to Warwick University where I studied Mathematics and Computer Science. While I was there, I did part time and freelance work for Elite, where I wrote the physics engine for Ford Racing. Once I had graduated, I started working for Rage Games’ studio in Warrington, where I wrote the graphics engine for the critically acclaimed but unreleased Lamborghini for Xbox. When Rage folded in 2003, we formed a new studio called Juice Games, which was later acquired by THQ and is now called THQ Digital Warrington. While at Juice Games, I wrote the graphics engine, tools pipeline, and large parts of the systems code for Juiced and Juiced 2 : Hot Import Nights.

Ever since we were teenagers, working on Max Rally, John and I have always had the desire to set up our own studio. It just so happened that in 2007, everything seemed to be falling into place, the timing just seemed so perfect as Rich, John and I were all on the lookout for a new venture, so we grabbed the opportunity and started VooFoo. Making games is always fun, but with such a relaxed atmosphere, and dedicated and highly talented team members, I couldn’t wish to be doing anything but what I love here at VooFoo.

Sam Faulkner

Sam in 3D glasses, unleashing his inner ninja with our Henry Hoover.

Hi, my name is Sam Faulkner, a 3D artist. As you can see above I’m the butt of all jokes here at VooFoo! That awesome movie above started off with John saying “I dont want you to have a boring picture”, 10 minutes later I was wearing my jumper like a ninja and wielding a hoover like Chuck Norris. This pretty much sums up VooFoo – it’s a really fun place to work and I’m loving every minute of it.

Shaun Read


Hi there! My name is Shaun and I’m the Creative Director here, which I think is a fancy title for coming up with ideas and helping the team out wherever I can. I’ve been in the industry for nearly eighteen years, most of that spent at Rare Limited in sunny Twycross. There I worked on quite a few games, some that you may have heard of. I’ve joined the guys here at VooFoo to become part of a small but incredibly talented and enthusiastic team who realize that making games can still (and should!) be fun.

All rumours that I’ve joined just to be close to Villa Park are misinformed and frankly, ridiculous…

Oh, and my favourite game is Elite on the BBC Micro, but I fear I’m the only one here old enough to remember it..

Matthew Golder

Matthew meets Matthew meets Matthew

Hi, my name is Matthew Golder and I’m a Programmer at VooFoo.

Growing up I was a huge games geek and would pretty much schedule my life around playing them with odd excursions outside to play football.

My first experience trying to create a game was with RPG Maker 2000 and a crumby hand-me-down laptop when I was 14. Unfortunately my inexperience showed at the time, however that was all the inspiration I needed to know that this is the industry I wanted to be in when I grew up.

So there’s a quick summary about me. I hope it wasn’t too boring!

My favourite games:
Shadow of the Colossus
Final Fantasy 7
Resident Evil 2

My least favourite games:
Bubsby 3D
Final Fantasy 13
Dino Crisis 3


 Thang Phung Dinh


 Hello, I am Thang Phung Dinh, from Vietnam. I’ve enjoyed creating and playing video games since I was a teenager. The first game/program I wrote was a “power level indicator” which is inspired by the same thing in the Dragon Ball manga.

I like building Lego technics, playing piano, immersing myself in quiet and beautiful nature scenes, pizza, Red Bull and all sorts of cheese. I hate traffic jams, cold weather, beans, peas, mash potato and web adverts. My current favourite game is Dota 2, but in the past I also played a lot of Starcraft 2.

A few things I have been well-known for are; having a Toyora Supra, playing football with smart shoes and being a geek back in college days.

Now I am a programmer here at VooFoo, working on all sorts of exciting things!


Adam Jarvis


I’m Adam and I’m a 3D Artist at Voofoo. I’ve always been a creative individual and found the perfect career path combining my love of games with my passion for art. I find myself working on personal projects even in my spare time. I’m always eager to improve my artistic and technical ability. I also enjoy watching TV & films, playing games and eating food!


Emily Crees

Fighting evil by moonlight, answering emails by daylight

Hey guys, I’m Emily – VooFoo’s Online Community Manager as of June 2014.

I’m a graduate from Staffordshire University, where I studied Games Concept Design (and the art of drowning oneself in caffeine). VooFoo is the first games studio I have the pleasure of working for. I’m super enjoying every second of being part of a fun, hard-working team!

I’ve always been a massive fan of games. From a very early age I used to watch my parents play Monkey Island and Indiana Jones, which ended up turning into a weekend family affair instead of watching TV. Since gaming has always been a pretty part of my life, I figured I would try to give something back and join the games industry.

And of course, a mention of some of my favourite games; Golden Sun 2, Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts 2, Pokemon, Banjo Kazooie, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Monkey Island.