We are currently hiring for the jobs listed below – If you’re passionate about games, feel you would fit comfortably into our team, and are brilliant at what you do, then we want to hear from you. Drop us a mail with your CV and a link to your portfolio –

3D Artist – Full time position
(no freelancers or out-sourcing required at this time, thank you.)

Job Information:
We’re looking for a super-talented and enthusiastic artist specializing in 3D modelling to join our super-cool team. If you can create extremely realistic models with minimal supervision you might be the person for us. Some experience of working in game development is beneficial but not essential, providing you have talent bursting from the seams. Your role will include working closely with our Lead Artist assisting in a wide range of artistic tasks including animation, modelling, rendering, lighting and graphic design. Completion of a practical art test may be required.

Essential requirements:

  • Diligent and positive attitude
  • Comprehensive portfolio demonstrating artistic/technical skills
  • High and low poly modelling experience, with neat UV unwrapping skills
  • Texture creation using a variety of techniques (baking normal maps etc.)
  • High-end rendering experience using Mental Ray/VRay

Additional positives:

  • Scripting
  • Passion for gaming

Birmingham City Centre, England

Send an e-mail to:
A link to your portfolio should be included in the e-mail
Subject line – “Artist Application”

The following portfolio examples are favourable:

  • Models/textures
  • Renders
  • Paintings/concepts
  • Rigging videos/examples
  • Graphic design work
  • Animations
  • Effects

Technology Programmer
We are looking for a talented and experienced senior technology/engine programmer to join our team. You’ll be fluent in C++, have exceptional maths skills, be well versed in low level systems and graphics libraries on PlayStation and/or Xbox platforms, and you’ll be expected to work in a wide variety of areas, including system level, network, audio, graphics, and game programming. You’ll possess excellent communication skills and have a proven ability to work well within a team. Your responsibilities will include the following.

  • Developing and enhancing all parts of our proprietary engine.
  • Writing and optimising low level graphics code.
  • Dealing with system level, network and audio code.
  • You should be fluent in C++ and possess a solid grasp of advanced principles such as template meta-programming.
  • Exceptional maths skills required – must have achieved A grade at A-Level – Further Maths A grade also a big advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to work within a team.
  • Very logical thinker.
  • Must have experience writing low level engine/systems code on at least one current/next gen console.

Ideally you’ll have at least a couple of published console titles, and will have taken a senior role in the development of proprietary engine code.

Send an e-mail to:
Subject line – “Technology Programmer”

You have what it takes – why VooFoo?
Founded by developers and eight years old in July, 2015, VooFoo presents an exciting opportunity to be part of a highly successful indie team. We have a great working relationship with some major publishers and multiple published titles, including launch titles for PS Vita and PS4.

We offer a very competitive salary and significant project bonuses. With only seven developers currently in the team, we’re intent on remaining relatively small but highly efficient! You’ll have the opportunity to spread your wings and feel a real sense of achievement. We work hard, but also play hard in a relaxed and enjoyable working atmosphere with flexi-time.