Such a shame

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Such a shame

Postby DAVIDR1978 » March 4th, 2012, 1:01 am

This game for many including myself is the best game on ps3 but the long list of errors is realy spoilling it.
1=countless disconections
2=Ps3 wont power down properly after playing it.
3=freezing during games
4=entering room under different alias even though its not an anonomous room.
5=false leaderboards
Its the disconnections that make my blood boil the most,especially when your in the middle of a great match or a high stakes game.
Then its those players with 100+ crowns who couldn't shoot straight even with aiming lines, i work dam hard for my hkc and it realy pisses me off when i see someone appear who has only played 150 games but they myteriously have a shit load of crowns, was the game hacked? i think you owe it to your customers who paid for this game to clear all cheaters off the leaderboards and think about addressing all the other issues in the next update instead of just doing silly things like changing pot noises and adding cushion not hit rule to us8ball, come on voo foo get it sorted!
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Re: Such a shame

Postby homerjnick » March 5th, 2012, 2:01 pm

Hey David, yeah the online side of HK has been dramatically affect by the latest patch and I wonder if the cross-gaming network code for PS3 - Vita has buggered things...

I have "regular" people that I play against and never had any problems before but now we get random disconnects...this happened to a lot of players in the EU Playstation forums Snooker league which is plain frustrating.

In fact most nights I cannot join a room without the PS3 freezing and my PS3 never freezes on any game. The worst one is to invite a player into your room and then they get told the room no longer exists whilst you wait IN the room...

As for the hackers and 100 crown guys, they have been there from day one, there are glitches and hacks that allow this...stuff them!

But being fair to VooFoo they continually support the game and have interaction with the fans so I'm sure they can address these issues.

Must get a game soon...been playing hard with Snooker no line...
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Postby DAVIDR1978 » March 9th, 2012, 11:59 pm

Hey Voo Foo any idea why all the leaderboards have been so messed up for so long? whats the point of having them if they are corrupt? The ranked leaderboards hahaha the top 50 players are useless and the snooker leaderboards wtf ,i haven't won 1100 games just so 2 vita users with no stats can knock me off top spot.
Hustle kings maybe a very good online game but sort out all the issues and it will be the best im sure, just think of all the poeple this game has annoyed due to disconnections and stuff ,they would of recommended it to friends and them to their friends and so on.
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Re: Such a shame

Postby jonuvull » March 10th, 2012, 12:28 am

Having the same problem lads, since the update i cant' even connect to anyone at all. There have ,been many issues with this game, and i have been an avid player for years yet they never were such a problem as to spoil my overall enjoyment of the game, now its just a joke because i simply cannot play at all its been a while now and i think tonight may well be the last time i try....bye.
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Re: Such a shame

Postby Mark_VF » March 10th, 2012, 1:37 pm

Hi chaps, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. The PS Vita cross-play functionality was a major change to the online implementation, and this may well have introduced unforeseen issues. Although we obviously thoroughly test all areas of the game here before anything goes out, there are so many different possible setups of routers and internet providers etc, that it is really easy for certain online scenarios to fall through the testing net.

However, I'm happy to say that we are already hard at work on our next patch, and we intend to resolve as many of these problems as we can, in particular the disconnection issues as I realise that can be a real pain when trying to get a game against someone. In the meantime, any info we can get on specific cases of these problems could be really useful in helping us diagnose them, so please continue to report these in the Bugs section of this forum - the more info you can provide the better.

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