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Re: Hustle Kings More DLC Please

Postby blackflagsailor » August 3rd, 2011, 4:13 pm

True; Snooker is hugely popular in the U.K. As for the US, it's rarely seen, which is a shame because I enjoy it. Unfortunately There are no places to play Snooker in my local city so I was excited to learn that HK has included Snooker and Carom.

These games that I posted are interesting. I tried to suggest things that differ from what VooFoo have included in HK. I thought these offered pretty good variety and I know that most of them are pretty popular in the US. Unfortunately I can't say about that U.K. But I'm sure any good billiard fan would enjoy them.

Anyway I hope VooFoo gives us some new DLC. I'd love to see new game modes mostly, but I'd always welcome new avatars, cues, and ball sets.

One more thing I wanted to ask the folks at VooFoo, though it's not really super important; how come we only get the spotted pro cue ball in the Shinny and Glitter sets? Can you give us an option to use different cue balls with any set? It would be nice, but again isn't really important probably for some.

Again, great game VooFoo! As a pool fan, I've been addicted to this game since purchasing it off PSN!
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Re: Hustle Kings More DLC Please

Postby blackflagsailor » January 28th, 2013, 12:15 am

Hey VooFoo Studios! Huge Hustle Kings fan here! As a Billiard fanatic, this is one of the best games I've played. Actually no; the best billiard game I've played. Graphically it's beautiful. The balls have those high gloss sheen of top quality belgium billiard balls. The venues are very beautiful. There's a ton of game modes. Different styles of billiards and even more exciting games can be bought via DLC on PSN, like Carom and Snooker (favorites of mine!). The recent addition of 1-cushion Carom is a nice extra add on! Thank guys! Plenty of online modes are offered, and should be when making a billiard game! I also love that custom music tracks can be played. And now all this on the Vita! Plus PSN avatars! Truly a fantastic game!

I think that games have evolved greatly in the last few years. These new networks give us gamers a chance to not only enjoy a game online with friends and meet people around the globe, but also expand our game and keep us coming back to those great titles for more new exciting goodies. This is actually why I am writing.

I would like to convince you to come out with new DLC for Hustle Kings. I have some great ideas.

I would like to see some new add-on packs of new ball sets, cue sticks, arenas/tables, HK in game avatars, cloth colors, etc.

I personally would really love a classic English/Irish pub style venue and an elegant manor style billiard room venue. But I'm sure you could think of lots of other fun ideas.

More game modes please! Bring us some unique billiard games from around the globe! I'd like to see; Bagatelle, Bar Billiards, Bumper Billiards, Kaisa, 4 ball carom, and Russian Pyramid (a new favorite of mine). These would all probably be their own game as Snooker and Carom are setup on HK.

I'd also like to see English Billiards, 10-ball/Ten ball, Rotation, maybe Kelly/Pea Pool, Cowboy Pool, and mostly I'd like to see 16 ball Poker Billiards.

More trophies would be fun as well.

I think these would make great add-ons personally.
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