Pool Cup FINAL

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Pool Cup FINAL

Postby QuietlyWrong » July 9th, 2011, 1:54 pm

Hey folks!

Pudds vs gazofwar took place last night and was very exciting. Unfortunately, I dropped out of the spectating mode early on to invite homerjnick back in and neither of us could get the spectating connection to work from there on in. :(

(Any chance the network code could be improved? Or is it dependent on the individual players' connections?)

But though Pudds had trouble with Youtube, I was able to upload his match recordings for him, and here they are:


Spoilers (light text below - drag-select text to view it):

Pudds showed real resolve and didn't seem at all put off by the pressure this time. gazofwar was unlucky, especially in the first frame where he inadvertently potted the 8-ball too early and Pudds made it all look too easy, taking the match 3-0!
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Re: Pool Cup FINAL

Postby homerjnick » July 9th, 2011, 4:29 pm

I logged that problem in the Bugs forum but no mention of anyone posting in there but the "Network Could Not Be Established" is so random, one night I can't connect to QuietlyWrong, the other time I can...it is nothing to do with my connection, mine is fine and there are no other devices sucking my bandwidth but it is not bandwidth related, more like the servers that are in use?

I can fail to connect to someone and then connect to another person seconds later but if I fail to connect to someone I can never play them again for that day...I'm not sure if the problem lies with network code of HK, Sony's or HK servers or with the actual PS3's/internet connection.
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Re: Pool Cup FINAL

Postby John_VF » July 11th, 2011, 3:07 pm

Hey guys,

Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining competition, I speak on behalf of the team when I say that. We enjoyed watching all of the replays and there were some truly astonishing shots in all of the games!

I'm sorry there were some connection issues and I believe that we've improved our network code over the past few months so you should hopefully see a patch in the near future that goes some way to resolving the problems.

I have written a news article on our main site with links to the replays so it's be cool for everyone to check it out.

Thanks again for your input, you've been tremendous!
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Re: Pool Cup FINAL

Postby QuietlyWrong » July 11th, 2011, 7:25 pm

Thanks for the write-up guys, and thanks for the competition and any future events... ;)

It's a small point, but despite what LordRoss keps telling people, Pudds didn't quite win the 2010 Snooker League. He was beaten - though only just - by funky_skunk. The final frame of that league, between the two leading players, with loads of spectators... that was another great moment.


Nice to relive that third-place play-off. If only I'd made that double on the 15-ball at the end of the first frame... Oh, how things would have gone differently. :D
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Re: Pool Cup FINAL

Postby tadpole3159 » July 15th, 2011, 1:17 pm

What an exciting final
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