Sparkling Pure Pool Review from Punk and Lizard!

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We received a 9.5/10 for Pure Pool! We’re over the moon, quite frankly.

Of course, we are working hard to fix that bug that’s annoying everyone (and quite possibly annoying us most of all). As always, we’re always happy to receive feedback and suggestions from fans!

Pure Pool is now out on PS4 and PC/Steam for £7.99 / €9.99 / $12.99 !


Pure Pool is out now for PS4!

July 30, 2014 |  by  |  Games, Pure Pool  |  7 Comments

Today marked the launch of the EU version of Pure Pool for PS4 – which means that it’s now available to play worldwide!

Tomorrow those of you on Steam will also be able to chalk up… hope you PC gamers are ready for some pool!


Exclusive Sci-Fi Pure Chess Pack for Nvidia SHIELD Tegra K1 Tablet

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The Nvidia SHIELD Tegra K1 tablet has been released in the US today, and for those of you lucky enough to get hold of one, you can get access to the exclusive Sci-Fi DLC pack. We hope you enjoy it! Not only that, but Pure Chess is now free on all Android devices! Now, please excuse me whilst I go brush up on my chess skills…


Pure Pool Release Dates for PS4 and Steam

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Fantastic news – Pure Pool release dates have been announced for both PS4 and PC!

It will be released 29th July for US and 30th July for EU on PS4, and 31st July for all on Steam.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to play some pool…!


Pure Chess and Pure Pool featured in OPC Magazine

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OPC Magazine issue #8 July 2014

Check it out; VooFoo are in the July 2014 OPC Magazine (Issue #8) - the official community magazine from the community over on the Playstation Forums!

There’s a whole bunch of VooFoo game-related stuff in there. There’s a Pure Chess review on pages 12-13, a Pure Chess Q&A with Matt on page 14 AND a Pure Pool preview on page 22-23 amongst other great articles – go check it out! It’s available to read both online, or you can download it to your iPad.

Backgammon Blitz and

Backgammon Blitz and “10,000 Bullion Blitz” pack discounted for US PS+

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For our fans in the US – from today (July 15th) until August 5th, Backgammon Blitz is 75% off for PS+ subscribers and 50% off for non-subscribers!

Not only that, but the “10,000 Blitz Bullion” pack is also 75% off for US PS+ subscribers and 50% off for non-subscribers, so you guys who already own Backgammon Blitz can also take advantage of the awesome discount too. Enjoy!



Pure Pool Preview

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We like previews, especially ones as nice as this!!

Read the preview here!



New Pure Pool Trailer!

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Who’s excited to shoot some balls?!

Check out the latest trailer for Pure Pool, to be released soon on PS4, XboxOne and Steam!


Hey from the newest member of VooFoo!

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I’m Emily, internet enthusiast (or is that addict…?) at your service! Starting from today I’m the online community manager for VooFoo; which basically means I have the awesome job of interacting with all of you and doing my best to bring you all the latest VooFoo news. From what I’ve seen so far, you’re a pretty darn terrific bunch so I’m looking forward to talking to you all! If you’re interesting in learning more about my background, you can find me on “The Team” page.

Stay tuned for more VooFoo news coming to a social media page near you…


Pure Pool, It’s coming!!

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And to prove it, check out our rather lovely Xbox One launch trailer!